What speed the blade would be rotated to get optimum results?

This depends on the cutting material and blade diameter. For concrete and 16″ blade it is 3000 rpm.

How to specify while ordering for the blades?

Blade diameter, Bore diameter and Segment thickness, For example, 16″ dia x 50 mm bore x 35 mm Segment thickness.

How to decide the blade size?

Add 1″ for margin to the depth of cut and multiply by 2, To this add flange diameter, you will get the blade diameter. For example, To cut 4″ deep, (4″+1″)x2=10″ +6″(flange dia) =16″ You need 16″ blade for 4″ deep concrete cutting.

How to remove undulations on the concrete surface?

We have developed a grinding machine to take care of that.

How to retexture the concrete surface?

For this we have developed the retexture with multiple blades.

How to widen the groove for sealant filling?

You need not go for the blade with the required thickness of the blade. You can use two blades with shims in between. This will allow you to utilise the blades to their full life and you do not have to keep different inventory.

For Concrete roads do we need to take any other measures?

Yes, Primer needs to be applied before the application of the thermoplastic road marking. However this is not required for Asphalt road.

How to paint arrows?

You need to prepare the templates and need additional tools. This has to be done manually after melting the material.

Can I do road marking with only Applicator machine?

Yes, We have developed an applicator which can be doubled as preheater, but your production rate drops.

Whether broken Joints can be repaired?

Yes, however you need some tools to maintain the groove and the grooves need to be filled with the sealant.

Do I need to cure after repair?

No, once the work is completed, and sufficient time has elapsed, you can allow the traffic.

How much time does it take to repair the crack?

The filing does not take much time but the preparation, opening and cleaning will consume more time, hence you can allow the traffic after about 3 hours.

Can I get full Depth Cutting machine with Diesel Engine?

Yes you can, however the limitation will be on the engine capacity. It becomes very bulky if we go for higher power with diesel engine.

What happens if I do not do groove cutting?

Surface cracks will appear.

When would I need to cut the PQC?

The cutting can start as soon as the initial setting of the concrete has started. This means that the concrete can take the load of the machine without any deformation. Generally it is about 6 hours from the concrete pouring. However it would be physically checked at site. The cutting would be completed before 24 hours to avoid surface cracks.

What is Liquid Membrane Waterproofing?

The liquid is applied over the surface and forms a film / membrane over the surface and adheres with that surface. This can waterproof only from positive side

What is positive and negative water pressure?

If the source of water is from the side same as that of treatment, it is called positive water pressure. If it is from the opposite side, it is called negative pressure.

What is Crystalline Waterproofing?

In presence of the water and cement the chemical forms crystals which will block the pores inside the concrete. Hence it is also called as integral waterproofing. This does not allow the water molecules to pass through but allow the air molecules, thus enabling breathing.

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