23 Jun

Groove Cutting Machines for Adept Performance

India is witnessing a tremendous infrastructure development. Urban housing packed with latest technological advancements, classy malls and productive business centers; every state is striving to achieve that par excellence stature. To boost connectivity and to attract more business, the state and national highways are also undergoing a constant expansion.

But amidst all the development and construction, the upkeep and maintenance of roads and highways are of paramount importance. Right from worthy road construction techniques to hi-end thermoplastic road markings, groove cutting and concrete crack repair; a lot goes into making a road safety and comfort for travel.

Cutting and grooving of roads are necessitated to serve varied and diverse needs. Grooving of roads enhances the anti-skip characteristics of roads and thereby enhances the safest of commuters and travelers. This may seem an arduous task, however, it is made simple and hassle-free with the use of appropriate technology. Proexcel Construction Technology is a leading player in the road construction equipment industry in India. We are a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of groove cutting machines.

Our wide range of in-house production includes:

  • Full Depth Cutting Machine
  • Kerb Cutting Machine
  • Concrete Cutter
  • Final Cutter
  • Electrical Concrete Cutter
  • Diesel Concrete Cutter
  • Joint Cutter
  • Asphalt Cutter
  • Curb-Cutter
  • Electrical Full Depth Cutter
  • Initial Cutting Machine

Proexcel Tech is a privately owned company, specializing in the supply of groove cutting machines/equipment to the civil and construction industries. We design, develop and manufacture Groove Cutting Machines in the house due to our own requirement for the execution of civil engineering and construction contracts.

Best designed to operate in the rugged Indian conditions and terrains, our groove cutting machines are high on functionality and low on price. Technologically advanced, compact and easy to carry, our machines are easy and maintain and operate. Our superior sales team helps you choose the best product most suitable for the requirements and needs. Supported by round the clock support staff and customer care, we help tackle customer queries without delay.

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