We are a mid-tier civil engineering company specialised in delivering design and construct infrastructure development projects for roads and pavement across urban and rural India. Over the past 10 years Proexcel Tech has built a renowned reputation for delivering quality service, on time and at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of road construction and this, combined with our extensive knowledge about the Civil Construction Industry, has established us as major players in this industry.

We have a proven expertise and an excellent track record in the roads construction, working as the main road construction contractors. Working closely with clients and the supply chain throughout the project life cycle, we combine creative planning, design and construction services to develop the most appropriate infrastructure solutions for urban and rural schemes, ensuring we exceed customer expectations every time.

With a powerful fleet of equipment and a dedicated workforce of qualified professionals and tradesmen’s we have completed projects for a wide range of cliental from small private developments to large Government projects. We also understand the necessity of providing solutions that address not just today’s but tomorrow’s infrastructure requirements. Our track record of experience is also backed by sophisticated health and safety management and a fully quality accredited, field-tested and in depth project management systems.

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Roads can sometimes lose their anti-skid properties due to years of use, resulting in a potentially dangerous surface. Road surfaces also degrade due to the constant passage of traffic, and this degradation is often accelerated by weather conditions such as excessive summer heat or freezing which can lead to the more serious problems of potholes. Retexturing offers an environmentally friendly maintenance solution.

Road retexturing is a well proven and established process which is very cost-effective if performed in a timely fashion, and as an accredited Road Markings Contractor Proexcel Tech have many years of experience in delivering road retexturing services on all classes of roads.

Retexturing Machines

Retexturing is a repair activity. We have developed mechanical retexturing machines with multiple blades for this purpose. These machines are proved to be very effective and efficient. These machines are quite operator friendly, any operator with average cutting skill can handle these machines.

Retexturing Services

The texture over the concrete surface is achieved during the initial layering of the concrete by using bristles. However due to many reasons the texture will either disappear or deteriorate thus necessitating for the retexturing. We have proved ourselves in Retexturing services for old as well as new PQC (Pavement Quality Concrete). As per the specifications of the clients, we use multiple blade machines to ensure accurate texture width, depth and spacing. These services have been appreciated by clients not only for timely execution but also for cost effectiveness.

Concrete Road Cutting

We take up Concrete Road Cutting and Sealant Application contracts with / without material on turnkey basis. Concrete cutting is required for two purposes. First one is to prevent shrinkage cracks as concrete reduces its volume after cutting. The second is to increase the groove size to accommodate the sealant. This is a very important activity in Concrete road construction. Many times the concrete laying has been postponed due to lack of this facility.

For the success of concrete road laying, good cutting team with appropriate equipment is important. We have all types of Groove Cutting Machines as per the client’s requirement.

PQC Full Depth Cutting

We provide Full depth cutting service to cut the entire panel. We have different machines and expertise to do the same. This is quite a vital process which needs to be planned thoroughly and executed precisely and we are experts in PQC Full Depth Cutting.

If there are only few cracks on the panel they can be repaired at reasonable cost and we can expect decent life for the panel. But if the panel is too bad and repair cost is going to be enormous, it is always better to remove the panel and recast it. Sometimes panels need to be cut for their entire depth for other purposes such as laying some pipes or any other related task.

Concrete Cutting

For the success of concrete road laying good cutting team with equipment’s is essential. We execute large projects on turnkey basis with all the men, machinery and material. We have trained personnel with all the relevant tools along with the machines for all the needs of Road Construction industry.

Concrete cutting is required for two purposes. First one is to prevent shrinkage cracks as concrete reduces its volume after curing. The second is to increase the groove size to accommodate the sealant. This is a very important activity in Concrete road construction. Many times the concrete laying has been postponed due to lack of this facility.

Sealant Application Services

We are regarded as one of the best sealant application companies offering services to a wide range of customers and industries. We are immensely proud of the quality of service, attention to detail and professionalism we employ,  making us one of the market leaders in Sealant Application.


The groove is cut in the PQC, to prevent the cracks and provide expansion joints, the water can enter through the grooves and thus reach below the grade. This may lead to erosion over the period of time and also decaying of concrete. To prevent this groove needs to be plugged with flexible material to take care of panel movements

Thus sealant is required to be filled in to the grooves. This is nothing but the chemical in liquid form which after pouring in to the groove will take the shape of the groove and sets in to a rubber type of material which can take care of expansion and contraction of the PQC. Though there are many products in the market, most popular ones are Polysulphide and Polyurethane.

We have trained man power with all the equipment’s, tools and tackles to take care of this important activity on turnkey basis.

Concrete Road Crack Repair

For the success of concrete road laying good PQC cutting team with equipment’s is essential. We manufacture and supply PQC Cutting Machines. These machines find their usage across a number of concrete roads construction and have emerged as a renowned entity serving our clients with diverse services that include initial concrete cutting, final concrete cutting and sealant work with the polysulphate or polyurethane sealant material.

We are having the latest PQC Cutting Machines that are designed in compliance with international quality standards.  Also, we offer customized solutions of PQC Joint Cutting Machines to our clients as per the specifications detailed by them. Our range of Cutting Machines are stringently checked and tested by team of quality controllers to ensure zero defects. All these machines are widely appreciated due to their durability, reliability, excellent performance, sturdy construction, dimensional accuracy and low maintenance features. Moreover, the machine is widely acclaimed for its flawless functionality and user friendliness. In addition, we provide these solutions at the most reasonable price.

1. Initial Cutting

Initial cutting is to be done within 24 hours of the concrete laying. The purpose of this is to initiate the crack to prevent shrinkage cracks. The groove width can be as minimum as possible. Due to practical constraints of the machine it is around 4 mm. The blade thickness will be around 3 to 35 mm. To start the initial cutting you may have to wait for 6 hours or beyond as the concrete needs to gain sufficient strength to withstand the load of the machine and people walking over it. Early cutting will not be effective and may lead to irregular shape of the groove with chipping.

We have machines, man power to cater to this activity. The team needs to coordinate with the PQC laying team of the client. Our expertise in this field is we take care of any eventuality during this activity assuring good workmanship at all times.

2. Final Cutting

Initial cutting is for initiating the crack and preventing the cracks due to shrinkage whereas Final cutting is for increasing the groove width to accommodate the sealant material to have proper expansion and contraction properties. This needs to be done generally only after 21 days just before sealant application. There are different specifications for the width and depth. The common sizes are 10 mm wide x 25 mm deep for transverse joints and 8 mm wide x 25 mm deep for longitudinal joints.

We provide services for all these activities as well as machines and associated tools at reasonable cost and good quality.

Back up Rods

Back up rods are required to be inserted in to the groove immediately after the initial cutting is done. This will prevent foreign material to get into the groove. Generally the initial cutting groove width is about 4 mm; hence 6mm diameter back rod is required for this purpose.

However back up rods are also being used to support the sealant. In that case the diameter of the Back Up rod has to be about 20% more than the groove size. The back rod would be inserted inside the groove so that you have sufficient space for the sealant as well as the landing of about 5 mm.

Back Up Rods are available in various sizes right from 4 mm diameter to 100 mm diameter.

Polysulphide Sealant

Polysulphide is a two component sealant. The hardener and Resin are mixed in situ properly with appropriate tools and poured in to the groove. Normally the Sealant sets completely within a day, though the initial setting starts after 45 minutes.  It also needs primer for proper adhesion to the concrete surface. We do provide you the material or take up the sealant application job on turnkey basis.

Groove Cleaning

There will be a gap between the groove cutting and the sealant filling. Ideally it should be done without much gap. However due to practical realities there will be a gap invariably. Thus lot of dust and other material will be accumulated inside the groove. The groove needs to be cleaned thoroughly before the sealant is applied. If back up rod is not used for the protection or it has gone out of the place, the groove is generally filled with mud and sand. Sometimes the dummy cutting with worn blades needs to be run to clean them. To remove the dust, blower is required. We also provide some custom made blowers with electrical / diesel engines.

  Water Washing Of Grooves

After groove cutting lot of cement slurry will be flowing over the PQC panels If not cleaned immediately it will stick on the surface. Hence with the help of high pressure pump, the cleaning can be carried out immediately after the cutting is done. This activity can go along with the cutting. We provide various types of custom built water pumps with diesel / electric prime movers as per your requirement.

Polyurethane Sealant

Polyurethane is a single component sealant. It is moisture curing material. It comes in sausages. It can be applied by using a gun. Comparatively this is simpler from application point of view. We provide you this material as well as take up the sealant application activity on turnkey basis. We have all the tools, equipment’s and expertise and take up the sealant application job on turnkey basis.

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